I’m Chirag – The Lotus Coach

I am an ICF accredited executive coach based in London. I work with ambitious entrepreneurs, senior professionals and top-level business executives.

Behavioural science teaches us that whatever we choose to put after the words “I AM”will not only define us but will really start to shape our reality and levels of success in life. How we think, how we feel and even how we talk to ourselves, will ultimately impact how we act.

I empower my clients in 3 main areas: Influence, Ability and Mindset so they can be more and achieve more. Here are just some of the areas I can help you excel in:
  • Clarify vision, values and purpose

  • Develop deep self-confidence

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Rediscover motivation and focus

  • Improve relationships

  • Boost energy and wellbeing

  • Find a better work/life balance

  • Build more productive habits

  • Navigate career progression

  • Strengthen your inner coach

  • Manage emotions at work

  • Deepen self-awareness

  • Become more resilient under pressure

  • Understand your leadership style and impact

My Services

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1:1 executive coaching 

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Group training and team coaching

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Motivational keynotes

Personal Development Coach

One to one coaching is powerful and can help improve any area of one’s life: a better relationship, a push for promotion or finding a deeper sense of purpose and direction. I empower my clients to think differently – to think bigger and better.  I help them to flourish from within to get more from life. 

My holistic lotus empowerment coaching program is based on three principles: Find Your Core (develop deep self-awareness), Grow Strong (rise above challenging situations) and Flourish (unlock your potential).

Corporate Training

I am a senior associate trainer for a number of successful corporate training companies and also offer freelance group coaching and motivational keynotes for schools, universities and corporates. I work with groups of all sizes (large audiences to intimate groups) and always inspire a high level of interactivity. 

My areas of expertise include mind management, finding your strengths, effective communication, decision making, emotional intelligence, resilience and stress management.

Introducing the Lotus Coach
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