One to one coaching is powerful and can help improve any area of one’s life: a better relationship, a push for promotion or finding a deeper sense of purpose and direction. I empower my clients to think differently – to think bigger and better. I help them to flourish from within to get more from life.
My holistic lotus empowerment coaching program is based on three principles: Find Your Core (develop deep self-awareness), Grow Strong (rise above challenging situations) and Flourish (unlock your potential).

Each of my clients is looking for something different from our coaching sessions. Some are trying to overcome a specific challenge or stressful situation. Others have a clear goal in mind and are trying to figure out the next steps.

My role as a coach is to create a confidential, safe, non-judgemental, creative and empowering space for you to think out loud and get greater clarity and focus in your life.

What makes you happy and your definition of “success” will be unique to you.

Develop self-awareness and authenticity
Find Your Core
Get clarity and rise above challenges
Grow Strong
Unlock potential with your new mindset