Chirag Ghelani  
My clients tell me that they love my energy, directness, openness, pragmatism, sense of humour and authenticity. Whilst I can be bold and challenging, I’m also encouraging and empathetic. I speak from both my head and my heart to ensure transformation and equip my clients with the practical tools and support they need to achieve their goals.
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I am a former City lawyer and the founder and CEO of Lotus Leadership. After 12 years in the City, I left the law in 2018 to pursue my passion for personal development. 

Choosing to switch from the comfort and safety of being a well-paid employee to an entrepreneur was the biggest and scariest decision of my life. Fortunately, I don’t have any regrets – in fact, I have never felt so alive.

Since leaving the law, I have built up international experience as an ICF accredited coach and currently work with a number of high-profile banks, law firms and consultancy firms helping them to develop their talent and boost performance.

As a 21-year-old, I spent a year living as a monk and have been practicing meditation and mindfulness for a number of years. As a father of two young children, I regularly draw on this ancient practice to stay zen!

Am I the right coach for you?

When done properly, 1:1 coaching can change your life. I believe in the power of coaching because I have experienced it both as a coach and a client. However, for coaching to be really effective, it’s important you find the right coach for you. So, let me tell you a bit about what I look for in a client and also what you can expect from me, if we do end up working together.
The 3Cs I look for in a client:

This is made up of time, money, energy, drive and focus. Ultimately this comes down to a sincere desire to grow and improve. That might mean letting go of a hidden “pay off” that has been the reason nothing has changed so far.


Most my clients don’t just want to achieve more – they want to be more. They take responsibility for their actions and aspire to become better human beings. Honesty, respect and integrity are at the heart of our coaching relationship.


I build deep trust and rapport with my clients by creating a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space. However, we have to vibe! That is something we will figure out very quickly during our chemistry/discovery call.

In return, as your coach, I will be on your team – I will believe in you, inspire you, challenge you, support you and empower you to think, feel and act differently so that you can achieve your goals faster than you would on your own. I am solution focused and offer a calm, down to earth, logical and creative approach to help you start living your best life.

So much of what I do is about creating awareness for my clients and then empowering them to make the change they want. A key part of my job is to uncover any negative or limiting belief systems and help my clients transform their inner voice. This often leads to
“breakthroughs” and powerful paradigm shifts. I am always fully present and actively listening (as well as observing body language) to understand what is really going on beneath what is actually being said. This allows me to show my clients what they cannot see.

Click on the personal coaching tab to find out more about how it all works and when you are ready, get in touch for a free, no obligation, coaching consultation.
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Inspiration from the Lotus

I have always been fascinated by the power of the mind and firmly believe that if we can master our mindset, we can master our life. 

The lotus is an ancient symbol of eternity, peace and transformation. Every night, this beautiful flower submerges itself into murky water and miraculously rises up and brightly blossoms again the next morning.

We aren’t so different. We all know that life is full of challenges (our own “murky water”) but whatever is going on in our life, we should remember that we too can rise above our challenges, unlock our full potential and flourish brightly for the world to see.