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  • I have known Chirag for over 10 years and he has helped me make some big life decisions. I’ve always admired his honesty, open and direct approach. He is not scared to tell it as it is because his intention is always coming from a good place.
    Jay Shetty | Award Winning Host & Filmmaker | Digital & Social Media Strategist

  • In a world of corporate platitudes, I found his coaching style to be a breath of fresh air. It is clear that Chirag has a deep passion for bringing out the best in people. His sessions were engaging, colourful and insightful.
    Rajiv Nanalal | Global Head of EBS Customer Support, iCap

  • I highly recommend him as a powerful coach and an extraordinary individual! I started working with Chirag during a very stressful period of my life and I credit him with keeping me going through it all. Working with Chirag we uncovered root of a problem and this helped me obtain my peace of mind.
    Katja Kravtsuk | TechOps Trainer, Bloomberg

  • Chirag is one of the most dynamic presenters and coaches I have come across. His experience as a top lawyer within the City of London gives him unparalleled vison to help his clients succeed in a balanced way. He is one of our preferred trainers.
    Sanjay Bhandari | CEO of Certificate in Finance and Technology

  • I appreciated Chirag’s calm demeanour and his ability to use his legal knowledge in a practical and relevant manner. During his secondment, he was a very popular member of the wider team and was able to communicate effectively with everyone from junior administrators to senior executives.
    Richard Spenner | General Legal Counsel, Willis Towers Watson

  • The mindfulness workshop that Chirag facilitated at Schroders was both interactive and insightful. He delivered the content with flair and made it very engaging. I particularly enjoyed his real life anecdotes which we could all easily relate to.
    Mirra Sondhi | Global Head of Technology Risk, Schroders

  • I'm very privileged to Chirag as my coach. He has a very authentic and caring approach to coaching which is focused on trust and openness. In addition, he has great ability to look at all aspects of my life and hone into specific growth improvement areas. As a result of his coaching, I've changed certain aspects of my life and already started to see positive benefits. Chirag has super qualities, amazing energy and his coaching sessions are the highlight of my week.
    Harshal Gore | Director, GS1 UK

  • Not only is Chirag quick to perceive a client’s need, he is also able to then deliver advice which is commercial, to the point and user-friendly. Having worked with Chirag for over 8 years, perhaps what stands out above all else, is his refreshing openness and ability to connect at a human level with clients across very diverse sectors.
    Fuat Sami | Partner, Sacker and Partners LLP

  • At EY, Chirag led a 4 part interactive course on exploring conscious living and also recently delivered a keynote on mindfulness and the psychology of success. We received excellent feedback. Attendees particularly appreciated Chirag’s charisma, sense of humour, down to earth approach and practical tips for dealing with stress in the corporate world. We will definitely be inviting him back!
    Bijal Majithia | Assistant Director | EMEIA FSO Advisory Consultant Network Ernst & Young LLP

  • I knew within 10 minutes that Chirag is the right coach for me. I love his challenging questions! He is an empathic person and I feel like I can speak with him about anything. He coached me around various areas of my life: business, work, relationships, self-confidence. I enjoyed every single session with Chirag and I highly recommend him
    Iveta Zaklasnikova, founder of female ex-pat entrepreneurs